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BMW’s tagline is “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and that sums up perfectly the image the Bavarians enjoy in the automotive universe. BMW is considered a member of the elite for some years now with their sporty products being built at the top level as far as quality and technology is concerned. For the past 20 years, BMW established itself as one of the best makers, offering a huge range of models that are always considered among the best in their classes, in terms of engineering and driving performance at least.

It's because of cars like the 1M Coupe or the E30 M3 that BMW enjoys its reputation

It’s because of cars like the 1M Coupe or the E30 M3 that BMW enjoys its reputation

BMW wasn’t always though considered a top notch car brand. Although it was highly appreciated in the pre-WWII era, BMW couldn’t retrieve its previous image back and was struggling because of bad management and wrong calls on its  products. It wasn’t until the late ‘50s, with the Quant brothers gaining the control of the company, that BMW started to climb back into the minds of the buyers. With models like the ’02 Series, BMW gained the sporty image they wanted, combined with active involvement in key motorsport events of the era. Another huge boost in BMW’s fame was the introduction of models such as the M1, the M5 and of course the E30 M3. BMW in the same time had an active presence in the big segments with cars like the 7 and 6-Series, competing with the best while the introduction of the compact 3-Series during the oil crisis proved to be a huge hit with byers that were looking for something to replace their big and thirsty executive cars.

For many people, 5-Series is the default saloon

For many people, 5-Series is the default saloon

But nothing of the above could support this lift in BMW’s image if it wasn’t supported by the quality engineering that Bavarians were using in their cars. BMWs remained true to the sporty credentials of the brand while maintaining the edge on technology and good quality materials, building this way one of the most loyal customer basis out there. But motorsport successes, M Division products and good quality would never give the same outcome if they weren’t combined with the passion for good engineering that BMW has proved it has.

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